Water Conditioner

  • Color : Blue
  • Automatic Grade : Automatic
  • Water Source : Borewell Water
  • Material : SS
  • Size : 4Inch
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 145 PSI
  • Water Source : Borewell Water
  • Country of Origin : Made in India
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HIMAJAL WATER CONDITIONER is the most effective, environment friendly system currently available for hard water. Our system combines the ability to soften the water, ensuring descaling in the pipes and most important without using any hard chemicals for cleaning. This helps in improving the life of all the plumbing, nozzles, valves and your domestic appliances.


The whirlwind technology is the most advanced method of softening the hard water. The softening process undergoes 3 stage. The powerful magnetic balls disturb the density of the water breaking them into small and micro particles. The three layer plates – Zinc / Brass & Copper inbuilt in the spiral chamber, produces electromagnetic field by creating a centrifugal force, changing the viscosity of the water by crushing minerals into micro particles. And the Infra Red Ceramic & Resin balls conditions the minerals making the water most conducive to use. It ensure all your valuable appliance and gadgets are well protected.

Features and Benfits

* Softens your hair & make your skin feel fresh.
* Helps keep bathtub, shower walls and toilet clean.
* Stops and removes existing scale in pipes & valves
* Ensures no formation of scales on the floor
* Increases life of home appliances
* Most effective on UPVC, HDPE, Copper pipes
* Reduces usage of soap while bathing, washing utensils
* Reduces the usage of detergent & makes clothes bright
Bunglows, Apartments, Hospitals, Hotels Swimming Pools, Agriculture, Poultry farms

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