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About US

Who we are

Divyank Industries Private Limited are the brand owner of “HIMAJAL Alkaline Water Purifier” in the country. A brain child of few technocrats and experienced professionals whose mission is to deliver superior quality of water purifiers for domestic and commercial purpose across the globe.

The state-of-art manufacturing unit setup in Hyderabad constantly engages in research work, develops and refines water purification process with high standards of quality and hygiene in sterile environment and tested thoroughly at our QC lab.

Know About Us

The brand name “HIMAJAL”originates from a composition of two words -“HIMALAYA” means the mountains and “JAL”means water in Hindi language. A water which flows from the Himalayas with complete purity and is tasty to drink is “HIMAJAL”

We are a water purifier brand with a specific mission to serve Indian consumers the purest form of water that is drinkable and helps build immunity system when consumed regularly. The company is aggressively investing on study& research work to understand how to better the state of water when it is getting consumed.

With this in mind the motive is to provide best form of pure “ALKALINE” drinkable water using the most advance technology and the finest quality of products to meet the discerning consumer demand. We are proud to be a part of this mission and our campaign says “AB HAR GHAR PIYEGA ALKALINE PAANI”. A campaign run to educate and share the importance of ALKALINE needed in every glass of water you drink.

Our constant pursuit for innovation through advance technology and excellence in bringing the best drives us to become India’s First and foremost company with a wide range of ALKALINE WATER PURIFIERS and total water solution for various conditions. Not only do we make ALKALINE WATER PURIFIER we also make Water Softeners& Conditioners for large housing & commercial complexes. This makes us one of the best companies in the country with total water solution.

Alkaline Water Supplier Hyderabad

Are you looking for a reliable alkaline water purifier supplier in Hyderabad? If yes, then you’re at right place!

Alkaline water purifiers are used to filter out impurities from water and increase its alkalinity, making it safer for drinking. It removes pathogens, pesticides, and other contaminants from ordinary tap water.
There are many benefits of using an alkaline water purifier for your drinking water. It not only helps to remove impurities from the water but also helps to reduce acidity in the body and boosts your overall health. It has also been proven to reduce stress levels and improve the quality of your sleep.

When looking for an alkaline water purifier supplier in Hyderabad, there are some important things to consider. It’s important to find a supplier who provides excellent customer service and quality products. We Himajal, a complete alkaline water purifier supplier and manufacturers located in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad sound technical knowledge and experience in the field to ensure you get the best product.
As one of the top alkaline water purifier suppliers in Hyderabad, provides excellent service and quality products that help in improving your health. We also offer a variety of purifiers to meet your individual needs. Our alkaline water purifiers are designed to provide clean, healthy water for your entire family. Our tag line says it all “AB HAR GHAR PIYEGA ALKALINE PAANI”
For those who are looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and trustworthy alkaline water purifier supplier in Hyderabad, Total Aqua Care is one of the best options. They are committed to providing you with clean and safe drinking water that can help improve your overall health.


The company Divyank Industries is formed with a clear motto to provide clean and safe healthy drinking water to its Indian consumers by using advanced technology on all its products.


The company has an aggressive plan to serve 10 million Indian family by 2025.


Our fundamentals are based on values of serving the country by providing safe and healthy drinking water, without compromising on quality. The company aims to achieve it by:

  • Quality
  • Customer
  • Innovation

Anand Jain


Mr. Anand Jain almost have 2 decade on industry experience in retail and real retail industry major contribution is in the field of electricals and home appliances. He is well focused and has a clear vision in understanding the business Goals.

Anand Jain is a member of many business and social communities like JCI, Jain shikshan vikas , Vardhaman yuva sanghatan where the branding and promotion activities are done in a very large scale.

Late Bharath Jain


Mr. Bharat Jain is the Chairman of the Divyank Group. Bharat Jain has the uncanny knack of staying ahead of the curve and the foresight to spot opportunities that seem invisible on the horizon for others in Manufacturing, Retail, Marketing and Distribution.

Bharat Jain is one of the pioneers of FMCG inclusion. He is also an independent director in many listed companies.

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