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Indus Smart 1000

Technology : RO + Alkaline + GSM

Purification Capacity : upto to 1000LPH

Weight : 250kg

Product Dimension : 72" X 75" X 35"

Input Voltage : 180-230 V Ac(50Hz)

Operation Voltage : 220 Volt AC

Min.inlet Pressure/Temp. : 1kg/cm2, 100C

Max.inlet Pressure/Temp. : 5kg/cm2, 350C

Industrial Alkaline RO

Salient Features:

RO Plant designed by using latest technology based on GSM Sim Card & Alkaline.

Two flow sensors can be connected with it to show the Treated & Reject water flow in the display

All flow sensors automatically pulse setting based on Ro plant capacity.

Auto & Manual setting of RAW Water & High Pressure Pump.

AC Low and High Voltage protection to prevent pumps damage.

Auto Flushing/flush cycle setting

Floats for Raw Water Tank Dosing Tank & Treated/Pure Water Tank

Low Pressure and High pressure Switches

TDS & Conductivity

All type I Mfrs of Auto Multi Port valves can be connected.

RO plant provide supply and control the UV,SV & Dosing Pump.

8 LED indications to show the Power ON, Raw Water Tank Empty, AutoFlush, RWP ON, HPP ON, TWT Full, LPS & HPS Failed.

Password protection to prevent un-authorized changes at plant level.

RO panel having default factory settings option.

If any electronics PCB's failed in the control panel, still RO plant runs in manual mode.

GSM Features

4 line LCD to show all plant information on the site.

GSM based-Real time data & the fault reason will be transfer to web, Android APP and two mobile phones.

Through App and Mobile phone, RO plant can be controlled for all its functions(eg:ON/OFF).

Parameter-Sent after set interval of time

Unit No.

Today's RO-LTRS

RO Water & Reject water Flow Rate

RO Work Hour


Raw Water Pump & High Pressure Pump AMPS


GSM Signal

Faults/Alerts-Sent immediately

Voltage (UnderorOver) Trip


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