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Why Choose Himajal


  • 1) All filters are 14 inches in size
  • 2) Carbon filter is made of coconut shell which is 1000+iv when compared to coal is 800-900 iv
  • 3) Sediment is threaded
  • 4) RO membrane is made up of sheet which is having 0.0005micron hole keeping all impurities out
  • 5) Our purifier gives you a life of 6000 + LITRES *
  • 6) Himajal’s Alkaline helps increase hydrogen level in the water, negatives the ORP helping digestion, reduces risk of
    heart attack and many more

FAQs (Frequently Questions Asked)

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water refers to a pH level present in the water one drinks. Primarily it denotes the measure of acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 – 14 where less than 7 is termed as acidic and anything above 8 is more alkaline in nature.

What is TDS?

TDS means TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS and specifies the concentrate substance dissolved in the water. Normally WHO standards confirmed any water less than 300 TDS is excellent to drink.

What is pH?

In simple terms it is known as “Potential Hydrogen” a term originated from Latin “power of hydrogen”. Its state confirming how much Acid / Alkaline or Neutral something is.

Should one drink Alkaline water every day?

It is good and safe to drinking minimum of 8 – 12 glasses (3litre) of alkaline water everyday to experience optimal benefits.

How does Alkaline Water help?

Constant consumption of Alkaline water helps in neutralizing the acid in your bloodstream. It also helps in building good immune system, slows down the aging process, helps in hair fall, prevents chronic disease like cancer and ensures your family is protected from any water borne diseases.

How do I find what suits me the best?

Simply answer the three questions at the start of the home page and it will automatically guide you to the perfect choice. Alternate you can reach us at (Call Centre No: 9866139900)

How better is Alkaline Water than to RO water?

Alkaline water ensures necessary minerals required for a human body, whereas RO in the process of cleaning also removes required mineral hence converting the water into acidic and harmful to drink.

How long will the filters be effective?

It depends on the consumption per day. All our filters are capable to provide 3000-4000 litres of alkaline water.

What service support will I get?

The product comes with a 1year warranty. Hence during the period our trained technician will visit and attend the complaint. One can call our Customer care and login the complaint accordingly.

Does Himajal provide AMC Services?

Yes. Over and above the normal warranty of one year, a customer can choose from 1 to 2 year extended warranty. (Check our various plans)

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