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Covid is still is on and will prevail for sometime. Our santizers ensure you are well protected for such dreadful disease and are safe. The wide range of product from 1 litre to complex tunnel helps us to cater every customer requirement in the present situation.

Water Treatment

Ground water hardness is a today reality. The quality of such water does not permit us to drink making us more vulnerable to chronic diseases. Himajal Water Treatment products are a perfect solution to modern house & residential complexes. They come in two variants - Manual & Automatic. To know more about the feature do reach us at 9866139900

Commercial Filters

Our commercial range of water filters are a perfect solutions for industries. They work so efficiently ensuring removal of contaminants from water like sand, silt, sediments making the water more usable. These filters are a part of most types of water treatment systems, since large particles can easily damage crucial devices like reverse osmosis membranes.

Large sediment particles cannot pass through the filters ensuring you get clean water all through.


Our wide range of water purifiers meets the modern days kitchen and is a perfect companion for the discerning lady. The Alkaline water purifier helps in protecting your entire family by providing healthy and safe drinking water enriched with natural minerals. They protect natural source that is a must for a good water to drink. Look at our wide range of water purifiers from gravity option to automatic.


Himajal Chillers are designed to meet large office & industries where consumption of water is high. The option of Alkaline based water makes it a perfect choice. With the capacity ranging from 40 - 150 litres we ensure no company is missed in drinking a safe and healthy water. With advance technology compressor used water gets chilled faster as well as saving energy & money.

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