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Would you like to earn money sitting at home?

Would you like to have some extra passive income?

Would like to have financial independence?

For all the above three questions if your answer is YES, we welcome you on board….!!!

Himajal introduces a unique partner model where you can earn more than 1lac per month by simply helping consumer buy HIMAJAL range of products through your network. This unique model helps you to generate passive income and support the family. The best of this business model is the flexibility it provides and financial independence one can achieve being on your own and rule the world.

Anyone who is above 18+ inclined towards earning and the hunger to make it BIG can be a part of the program. To know more about the program, click on the link (PLS DISCUSS) and explore “Self-Independence”.

Frequently Questions Asked

1. Can I make money from Affiliate marketing…???

Affiliate marketing is one of the smartest way to make passive income by just helping your prospect to understand the features of HIMAJAL product and its benefits.Once the sale happens your account automatically gets credited with the defined commission.

2. How can I start….???

Simply by being a part of the HIMAJAL Affiliate program and promoting through your own network Just complete the basic KYC formalities for us to create a USER ID.Once confirmed you are ready to go…!!!

3. How will I learn about the product…???

The company provides online training on many aspects of the business. Product training, selling skills, personality development, how to identify and approach your prospect, how to convert a lead into sales are all such varied topics we cover.HIMAJAL Sales team is available during working hours to always hand hold and help you earn.

4. How much time do I need to devote…???

Though the company does not specify any such timing nor insist but if one has to make a decent passive income 2 hours from your daily schedule of networking will help you earn a sizeable income which means 15 hours in a week only.

5. Can I become a full timer affiliate…???

Yes, certainly you can become a full time affiliate marketer. This will help you expand your network efficiently.

6. How much can one earn through this program…???

Well a tough question to answer. To be honest it is limitless. However considering one dedicates an average time of productive 15 hours and makes a sale of minimum of 10 machines you can easily earn up to 1 lacs in a month.

7. Who all can join this program

The program is designed in such a way that anyone who wants to earn more than his normal earning can be a part.

8. Do you promote referral program…???

Yes you refer your close buddies / friends to join the program. On all successful refer being added to the program you are eligible for a referral incentive which is also a part of your monthly earning.

9. How does the product reach my customer and who will do the installation…???

Himajal has a network spread across the country. Once the order is closed (full payment made) Himajal ensure delivery of the product within 5 working days in Southern part of the country and within 7 days anywhere in the country. On delivery of the product, assigned local technician visits the customer site and completes installation & commission.

10. Does the product come with warranty and what about after sales service…???

All HIMAJAL product come with a one year warranty and a dedicated toll free number for registering of complaints if any. Once the complaint is registered within 24hours the call is been addressed and relevant solution is initiated.

How about earning money sitting at home?